stepping stones SOA


 Stepping Stones volunteers have been working with homeless and socially excluded in the Stratford on Avon area for a number of years as part of different organisations. The volunteers decided that they wished to bring this together into their own charity to continue their work and Stepping Stones was born. Stepping Stones received its registration from the Charity Commission in May 2022 and its work continues.
Stepping Stones will support the homeless and socially excluded in a number of practical ways with an aim of enabling them to take better life choices, and signposting to the local Fred Winters Centre (support hub) where they can engage with more formal support services and help. It will do this by provision of a safe space for a hot meal and a chat, ancillary support (podiatry, hairdressing, benefits surgery, life skills etc.) and so raising self-worth.
We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund to hold both a Jubilee Lunch Friday 3rd June 2022 and also for ongoing meal and support provision until the end of 2022.
If you are interested in our work and wish to know more, please contact us.
Stepping Stones Stratford on Avon, registered charity #1198912”