We are serious about coffee, really serious


At HR, we have taken a long time developing our love of coffee and hot drinks. We really do mean it when we say that we are very serious about each and every one.
Only the highest quality, fresh beans go into our grinder to ensure the best possible cup we can produce using a number of brew methods including: espresso (through our La Spaziale S40), pour over or filter.

Our house beans are a seasonal blend made up of the best quality beans from Brazil, El Salvador and India which come from Limini, a small family-run coffee supplier who quickly found themselves well established and one of the country’s leading barista training schools. This is a slightly sweet, yet full bodied and very smooth coffee which suits all brew methods and drinks styles.

Every coffee we use is delivered within 1-2 days of roasting and then rested for at least a week to ensure that it is only ever served at its peak potential.





Espresso - Either our house blend or a guest
Americano - Espresso, but a bit longer
Caffe Latte - A larger, milky coffee
Cappuccino - Italy’s favourite pre-lunch coffee
Macchiato - The classic Italian ‘marked’ espresso
Flat White - The quintessential Antipodean drink
Cortado - A bit shorter than a Flat White
Hot Chocolate - Made to our secret recipe
Teas - Breakfast or Earl Grey
Infusions - Assorted Herbal teas

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